• Greeting from President and CEO

    • With assistance by a large number of people, we established a new corporation East Africa Trading Co., Ltd. to contribute to the economic exchange between Japan and East Africa with a central focus on Republic of Kenya. We would like to further develop much stronger relationship with local people of influence we have made until now, and also to contribute to the establishment of “Japan Base” in East Africa to the best of our ability.
      We would appreciate your continuous strong support and patronage as we try our best in this business admitting our ability leaves much to be brushed up.

      July 7, 2010

      Sincerely, Yoichiro Shimizu President/CEO

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  • Message

    Joram Mwenda


    We are looking forward to build a strong relationship between Kenya and Japan. We would like to support any legal issues in Kenya.

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  • Message(Embassy of the Republic of Kenya)

    Ambassador Ben H.O. Ogutu

    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya

    I am very grateful that Japanese people have increasing interest in Kenya in recent years. I hope East Africa Trading Co., Ltd. will work as a bridge between Japan and East Africa focusing on Kenya.