Business Description

Business Target Area

East African countries with a focus on Republic of Kenya

East African countries include Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, etc.

Our business center in local area is Mombasa city and Nairobi city in Republic of Kenya

Principal Business Activities

Support of exportation business from Japan to Kenya, etc.

We provide those companies which are considering exportation to Kenya with local market research and advice on natural and social environment, legislations, regulations and business practices. We also introduce people of influence in the government, related business industries and also powerful importers of concerned products. We thoroughly support you with the exportation procedure and, where appropriate, perform exportation on behalf of your company.

Consulting for Kenyan government projects executed under Japanese ODA

With the background that many Kenyan government projects are/will be planned for infrastructure construction under Japanese ODA, we provide your company with our support from evaluation of probability of successful bid to concrete tender procedure.

Support of private businesses targeting Kenya and peripheral countries

For those companies which are considering investment in such industries as agriculture, mining and manufacturing, or commerce under expectation of local natural resources, labor force and purchasing power in these countries, we provide our support from evaluation of potentiality to concrete procedure. (e.g. investment conditions for local projects, setting up a meeting with influential people in the government)

Our business also includes

1. Support of importation business from Kenya, etc. to Japan

2. Support of investment business in Kenya, etc.

3. Support or hosting of interactive activities between Japan and Kenya, etc.

4. Support of environmental business in Kenya, etc.

5. Support of education business in Kenya, etc.